Welcome to the research website of Dr. Victoria Talwar and her research team at McGill University!

We are researchers interested in children’s social-cognitive development. Our research is informed by the disciplines of psychology, education and law to examine children’s behaviours that are pertinent to children’s adaptive development, child witness testimony and professionals who work with children.

For instance, we conduct research on children’s adaptive development. We examine how they learn social rules and conventions, understand others feelings and beliefs, and how they develop social behaviours and manage social interactions. Our research mandate covers a wide range of issues and research questions.

We examine deception detection strategies in children and adults. Other studies examine children’s peer social interactions in school, between friends and cyberspace. Children’s understanding of the concepts of life, death and spirituality are also investigated in relation to their social-cognitive development. We also examine how parents, teachers, and health care workers talk to children about these concepts.

Our research not only has implications for our theoretical understanding of children’s adaptive development but also aims to provide relevant information to real‑world problems faced by parents and professionals who work with children (e.g., teachers, social workers, legal professionals, police, and health professionals).

Join us in learning more about children’s social behavior.