Dr. Victoria Talwar
Research Team – McGill University
Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology
3724 McTavish Street
Montreal Quebec
Canada H3A 1Y2

Tel: (514) 398-8059
Fax: Att: Dr. Talwar (514) 398-6968

E-mail: talwarresearch@gmail.com


  • Heading east on Dr. Penfield, turn left and go north (up) on McTavish Street.
  • (** Do not turn onto McTavish from Sherbrooke as the road does not continue **).
  • You will go almost all the way up the hill to Duggan House on your left.
  • At the top of McTavish Street, just before Pine Avenue there is a laneway which takes you to the parking lot of Duggan House.
  • Follow the laneway round to the parking spaces at the front of Duggan House.
  • A researcher will be waiting outside to meet you and to give you a parking pass.