Research in the Media

Click the links below to see the various ways the media has looked at our research!

Video and Radio

“Dr. Victoria Talwar: Cyberbullying and Children”

CTV Montreal

“The Truth about Children Who Lie”

CBC Montreal Radio

“‘Pinocchio’ Style Stories Don’t Motivate Children to be Honest”

CBC Radio: Homerun

“Researcher Spotlight: Dr. Victoria Talwar”

YouTube: McGill University

“Victoria Talwar Supervision Snapshot 2017”

YouTube: McGill University

Media Articles

“From Election Campaigns to Dishonest monkeys: Why We’re Hard-wired to Lie” – cited in the “Why do People Lie?” Section

CBC: News

“McGill Researcher Looks at How Children Perceive Lies”

CBC: News

“What Makes Children Lie?”

Huffington Post

“2017 Davis Thomson Award for Graduate Supervision and Teaching”

McGill University

“Professor Victoria Talwar: The Truth About Lying”

McGill University

“Stories that Motivate Children to be Honest”

McGill University

“Punishing Kids for Lying Just Doesn’t Work”

McGill University