Tz-Yu (Leo) Duan

Leo joined the Talwar Child Development Lab in 2023 and is currently a Master’s student in the School/Applied Child Psychology program. He completed his B.A. in Psychology at the University of British Columbia. His research interest lies in children’s verbal deception and its relation to different types of encouragement. He is also involved in work related to children’s academic integrity and adolescents’ cyberbullying behaviours. 

Selected Publications: 

Yee, S., Xu, A., Batool, K., Duan, T.-Y., Cameron, C. A., & Lee, K. (2024). Academic cheating in early childhood: Role of age, gender, personality, and self-efficacy. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 242

Wilson, K., Batool, K., Duan, T.-Y., Cameron, C. A., & Lee, K. (2024). Cheating in childhood: Exploring the link between parental reports of problem behaviors and dishonesty on simulated academic tests. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 244

Shao, S., Stanzel, A., Duan, T.-Y., McKay, S. L., & Cameron, C. A. (2023). Adolescent attachment, affect, and behavior as related to coping responses to a psychosocial stressor. Child & Youth Care Forum, 52(4), 761–777. 

Richard, M. E., Gerhardt, E., Pollak, K. M., Duan, T.-Y., Knutson, J. M., Dmytro, D., & Cameron, C. A. (2023). Gender norms and culture in Asian-Canadian adolescent boys’ anticipating dating relationships. Journal of Adolescent Research