Maps & Directions

Where do studies take place?

Each study involves a visit to our Child Development Lab in Duggan House, part of the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology at McGill University. We provide parking or reimburse your travel expenses.


Where to Find Us?

Heading east on Dr. Penfield, turn left and go north (up) on McTavish Street. (** Do not turn onto McTavish from ‘Sherbrooke as the road does not continue **). You will go almost all the way up the hill to Duggan House on your left. At the top of McTavish Street, just before Pine Avenue there is a laneway which takes you to the parking lot of Duggan House.

Our address is:
Duggan House, 3724 McTavish Street.

From the road you will see the sign for 3740 next to the laneway on the stone wall for Duggan House-Turn here.

Follow the laneway round to the parking spaces at the front of Duggan House. A researcher will be waiting outside to meet you and to give you a parking pass.