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Graduate Studies

Dr. Victoria Talwar is looking for highly motivated and hard working graduate students. Graduate students in the lab have considerable freedom in formulating their research projects. Initially, students are encouraged to be active members of the team and gain experience with different research projects. Then, in collaboration and consultation with Dr. Talwar develop a research program to pursue.

A Team Approach

Our research lab takes a team approach with senior researchers mentoring junior researchers. We work as a team and all students are expected to contribute significantly to the lab by learning the various study procedures that are currently be used in the lab, running studies in addition to their own thesis research, contributing to lab meetings, presenting research at conferences and publishing research findings under the direction of Dr. Talwar.


Dr. Talwar welcomes all student inquiries concerning graduate supervision in relevant areas at When making enquires by email please attach the following: a current C.V., your C.G.P.A., GRE results (if available), the program you are applying to and the reason why you might want to work with the Talwar Research Team.

Program Information

For more information about Graduate studies in Educational and Counselling Psychology at McGill University, please visit the Graduate program page. Please pay close attention to the academic requirements needed for each program. Preference is given to students who have some prior research experience working in a child lab, and who have potential to secure research funding through external graduate scholarships. If you are interested in applying then please feel free to contact Dr. Talwar for a visit as early as possible in academic year because she accepts only a limited number of graduate students per year.


Dr. Talwar welcomes all student inquiries concerning undergraduate research supervision ( e.g., Honours theses, independent research projects for credit). Please email to inquire about potential supervision and include the following: a current C.V., your C. G. P. A., the languages in which you are fluent, as well your research interests. Dr. Talwar usually supervises 2-3 students per year so it is best to contact her as early as possible.


We are always looking for interested, responsible, and motivated people to join our research team. We accept volunteers to work in our lab during the academic year or during the summer recess. You will have the experience of working in an active research lab and gaining a variety of research skills.


Responsibilities will vary and can include designing experiments, creating the stimuli, data collection, compiling and coding data. A minimum commitment of at least 5 hours per week is expected throughout the school year or summer. For students who are motivated there are opportunities to become involved in a variety of research projects.

Contacting Us

To become a volunteer you will need to fill out the application form, and provide a current CV. All volunteer work is unpaid. If your interests and availability are compatible with our needs, you will be contacted for an interview.

To join or for more information, contact us at EMAIL: or CALL our office at 514.398.8059